Nedaliment Prod SRL, Răcari

Nedaliment Prod SRL
Str. Fabricii de Zahar, Nr. 378
137385 Răcari
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Nedaliment Prod SRL has been in the Market for several years now. From the start we are producing various poultry products in accordance with high quality standards. Today we are active at the Romanian domestic market with fresh products, frozen products as well as an assortment of Cooked products. More info concerning our products you can find here. Our products can be found in the shelves of major hypermarkets. Because of our pioneering mind we are constantly innovating products as well as developing new products. All with the best quality, health and rules and regulations in mind.
Because of this we are also continuously investing in our factory and renewing production processes. Next to the domestic Markets, we also produce products for the export market and do our business throughout all of Europe. As we are delivering in Romanian and in the rest of Europe on a daily basis, we need a smooth and organized logistics. We can take care of all transport requirements and assume the logistical control of your orders. The company's own freight vehicles and proven partnerships with an established network of reliable partners for many years now, guarantee smooth operation - our customers benefit from our developed logistical know-how. This results in a fast and reliable transport of their goods - nationally and internationally.
If you have any further questions or are interested in doing business with us, please contact us. We provide great quality, good taste and excellent choices in the meat market. Wether you are cooking at home, cooking as a professional or camping, our product choices will suit your needs. PRODUCTS: Chicken Drumsticks; Chicken Gizzards; Chicken Hearts; Chicken Leg Quarters; Chicken Liver; Chicken Thigh Bone; Chicken Thigh Meat; Turkey Drumsticks; Turkey Filet; Turkey Gizzards; Turkey Heart; Turkey Liver; Turkey Necks; Turkey Thighmeat; Turkey Wings and so on.

Cuvinte cheie:
Carne, Carne de Pui, Abator, Carne de Porc, Carne Congelata, Kebab, Carne de Pasare, Producator de Carne, Distribuitori Alimente, Producatori Alimente, Procesare, Pui, Porc, Vita, Frigarui, Piept Pui, Pulpe Pui, Aripi Pui, Iso 22000, Ficat Pui, Transare, Carne Curcan, Carne Refrigerata, Frigarui Pui, Maruntaie Pui, Chicken, Cordon Bleu, Curcan, Transare Carne, Turkey, Piept Curcan, Liver, Pulpe Porc, Abator Carne, Chilled Meat, Abator Pui, Pork, Skrewers, Spiesen, Olandezul Zburator, Brochette, Export de Carne, Shaslick, Spiezen, Tullips, Beef, Frigarui de Pui, Aripi Curcan, Frozen Meat, Pui Cordon Bleu, Poultry Meat, Gizzards
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