Syncro Soft SRL, Craiova

Syncro Soft SRL
Remus Nr. 5A
200082 Craiova
0251 461 480
0251 461 482
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SyncRO Soft is a software development company located in Craiova, SW of Romania. We develop software products and offer IT services for companies. The company was established in 1998 and has significantly extended the business since. As a pro-active customer-oriented company, our goal is to achieve profitability through productivity. Yet another driving force is quality, which is ensured by establishing and maintaining quality standards throughout the organisation. You are welcome to visit our office and we are open to any suggestion, comment or idea.
Our specific objectives are: Develop new software products and tune our IT services to clients' specific needs - SyncRO is preparing to launch more new products and services in the near future. An increasing emphasis will be put on providing XML based software solutions. Establish international partnership with outside software companies in order to mutually promote our software products. Find reliable partners to distribute and offer our products and services on outside markets. A special partnership program will be developed.
To maintain and improve customer satisfaction levels. We intend to have a long list of happy customers, who agree that we have provided outstanding products and services, and have saved them time and money. We will supply a full support centre for those using our software providing high quality technical support assistance. In our constant search for challenge we are continually increasing our knowledge base, and expanding the range of services we offer. We believe in being flexible, pro-active, customer-oriented software professionals, who go all the way to meet customers' needs.

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Servicii It, Dezvoltare Software, Software Development
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