Scoala Internationala, Cluj-Napoca

Scoala Internationala
Al. Băişoara Nr. 2A
400434 Cluj-Napoca
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coala Internationala Cluj, cu clasele I-XII, este singura scoala din afara capitalei care ofera doua linii de studiu acreditate: linia romaneasca, acreditata pe CURRICULUM NATIONAL ROMANESC si linia internationala, acreditata pe CURRICULUM INTERNATIONAL CAMBRIDGE, acreditari obtinute cu punctaj maxim! Suntem singura scoala din Transilvania care ofera un traseu educational complet, de la cresa pana la liceu.

Descriere limbă străină
The school will be an integrated educational site with highly differentiated and specialist divisions which give more time to students, parents and teachers. The school is an independent institution with a sound financial basis and formula, which is accountable and collaborative. The school has a committed strategy for educational improvement with in-built quality assurance schemes. We shall always welcome external accreditation inspections of our curriculum and campus. The school operates in new ways, and with a wide range of personnel and a rich variety of teachers.
The school employs the Director as the leading professional supported by a professional manager of the administration. The school employs a core of full-time and highly trained teachers on renewable contracts, supported by a range of assistant teachers working across the curriculum provision. The school is permeable to the wider community of schools, charities, businesses and working adults. The school has a deep commitment to common civic education within a cohesive pluralistic society.
The school is committed to updating technology and interactive equipment. The school will maintain a keen awareness of technology, policy and practice developments in education. The school operates in policies and practices through appraisal conducted by internal and external bodies. The school will "contract out" certain parts of its curriculum, and always offer work experience to its senior students.
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