Dent Estet SRL, Bucureşti

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Dent Estet SRL
Bd. Aviatorilor Nr. 15
011852 Bucureşti - Sector 1
021 222 1108
074 710 4090
074 460 2020
021 224 1713


DENT ESTET - clinica stomatologica ce ofera servicii dentare la standarde internationale: Implant dentar, Albire dentara, Estetica dentara, cu plata in 12 rate fixe, flexibilitate si echipa de peste 40 de medici.

Descriere limbă străină
DENT ESTET Clinic has implemented and certified the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 standard, obtaining from The Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH, Hamburg the certificate number QS-5016 HH CONSULTATION This is the first step in the communication patient-doctor. For this reason, we give special attention to the first contact with the person who will become a confident consultant to you, your dentist. The first consultation has more objectives: - Acquaintance doctor- patient - Establishment of the dental status of the patient - The doctor becomes aware of the medical history of the patient (chronic diseases, sensibilities, allergies, medical interventions, genetic predisposition and diseases) - Understanding the need of the patient on short and long term and his preferences (the frequency of the treatment, the hours at which he can go to the dentist, resistance to pain ) - Sketching the treatment plan, presenting the options and also the estimative cost - Making X-rays (if necessary) - Realization of the patient's record (identity, medical information, contact data) The individual record is registered in a common database for all three DENT ESTET clinics, that can be accessed only by the personnel of the clinic, involved in treating your affections.
The personnel of DENT ESTET observes strict rules of confidentiality for all the information (medical or not) that are registered in the Individual record of the patient. AESTHETIC DENTISTRY The aesthetic dentistry appeared because of the desire of people to have a nicer smile.
This specialization addresses to patients wanting to have healthier teeth, a good alignment, as harmonious as possible with your physiognomy, and as white as possible. Nowadays the technology has made important steps, and offers us a variety of choices, and the DENT ESTET team can help you gain a fabulous smile, whiter and younger, the way you want it.
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Colceag Mirela

DEnt Estet

, cu mai mult de 6 luni în urmă

ESte un cabinet ultramodern, curat dar cu niste preturi foarte mari.Mama a fost la ei si i-au cerut 60 ron numai pe o radiografie care la alte cabinete costa in jur de 20 ron , iar pt o masea tratata 400 ron.Preturi cam mari


preturi bune,la calitate excelenta

, cu mai mult de 6 luni în urmă

este un cabinet foarte modern,cu doctori rabdatori si atenti cu clientii lor.

Petcu Irina

O clinica de lux cu preturi ok

, cu mai mult de 6 luni în urmă

Este cea mai moderna clinica din cate am vizitat pana acum. Nu practica preturi mari dar nici mici. Am o doctorita foarte priceputa, amabila si are multa rabdare cu cei fricosi de dentist cum sunt eu.

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