Registrul Auto Roman Bistrita - Nasaud, Bistriţa

Registrul Auto Roman Bistrita - Nasaud
Str. Libertăţii Nr. 47
420155 Bistriţa
0263 236 010
0263 233 776
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In tarile membre ale Uniunii Europene cat si in tarile candidate la integrare in UE a fost initiat si dezvoltat sistemul de efectuare a ITP supravegheat de catre o institutie desemnata de autoritatati. In acest sistem, autorizarea statiilor ce efectueaza ITP se face in principal dupa criterii tehnice iar in anumite state si dupa criterii teritoriale (limitarea numarului de statii in functie de suprafata si de numarul vehiculelor inmatriculate).
In Romania, inspectiile tehnice periodice se efectueaza de catre Registrul Auto Roman, organism tehnic specializat al Ministerului Transporturilor, Constructiilor si Turismului prin reprezentantele sale judetene sau prin operatori economici autorizati si monitorizati de RAR. Autoritatea RAR se concretizeaza prin folosirea marcii inregistrate RAR de catre operatorii economici autorizati sau de catre institutiile publice autorizate.

Descriere limbă străină
The production year of a vehicle is determined based on its identification number. The identification number is unique for each vehicle and it represents a succession of characters (letters and numbers), by which the manufacturer provides coded information about the vehicle (the manufacturer, the body type, the motorization, the production series and, in most of the cases, the production year).
From a legal point of view, the replacement of the body (chassis) shall be accepted only for a vehicle which is registered in Romania and which holds an Identity card. In case of the lack of the latter, by the replacement of the body it is deemed that a new car has been obtained and the approval thereof and subsequently the registration thereof shall be conditioned by the fulfillment of all current technical conditions including the ones related to the polluting emissions (Euro 3)

From a technical point of view, the replacement of a body shall be accepted only if the new body is compatible with the old one. This means that the brand, type and building formula of the initial vehicle shall be maintained. For this purpose, the applicant must come to one of the representative offices of the Registrul Auto Roman (Romanian Automobile registry), where, after an analysis performed by our experts, the approval for the replacement of the body (chassis) shall be or not issued.
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